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Current Stars

Current Assyrian Professional Athletes - Boxing


Brief Profile
Name: Anwar Oshana
Date of Birth: 1973
Birthplace: Syria
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Reach: 69-70 "
Hometwon: Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Record: 15-0 (9 ko's)
Division: Super middleweight
Ranking: IBO-10

IBF-Regional Super Middleweight Champion
Illinois Super Middleweight Champion
Three times Chicago Golden Gloves winner

Trainer: Sam colonna

Manager: Bob O'Donnall
Personal Advisor: Raman Oshana(Assyrian Athletic Club/Chicago)

The following is an interview with Anwar Oshana before his first professional title, state of Illinois title (fight number 14).

Hitz Enterprises, Inc.

Championship Boxing
February 8, 1997 Ramada Plaza Hotel
Illinois Super Middleweight Showdown
Page 8 By Jeff Carlson

There is a belief that guides Anwar Oshana's boxing career:

"If not for the fans, the fight is pointless"

From his amateur days as a reckless warrior (and winner of three Chicago Golden Gloves titles) through his first 13 professional fights, Oshana understands that flash and finesse is better left to the boxers of the world.

"I hate boring fights," Oshana said. "I go in there to take care of business. I like to give the people a good show that's why they like to watch me . People like my style. It's aggressive; banging, banging and more banging."

Oshana goes for his first professional title tonight when he challenges Patrick Swan for the Illinois Super Middleweight Championship. As far as Swan's track record and reputation, Oshana said he could careless. "I don't know anything about him and it doesn't matter to me as long as I do my work, "Oshana said. "I just go in there and fight,fight, fight. I put the pressure on and that kills anybody." Oshana, who's never been past six rounds, said he's been training diligently and a distance fight (10 rounds) won't be a problem. "I'm ready. I train every day except Sunday," Oshana said. "I'm prepared, I've been going 12, 13 14 rounds with three or four different people.

"I'm a little nervous because it's a state title but I want one of those belts. I want to be world champion but a state title would be nice right now." Oshana needed sixty seconds to destroy Rick Jester in November 1996. A left hook to the head in the first few seconds staggered the Detroit veteran and Oshana toasted him without taking a punch. "I hit him hard and knew he was hurt and I had to finish him," Oshana said. A native of Syria, Oshana believe that 1997 will be the year his brand of brains and brawling starts attraction some national attention. Oshana realizes he has a lot to learn but his confidence and enthusiasm have already paid dividends.

"My manager (Bob O'Donnell) said the iron is getting hot and it's time for me to move up," Oshana said. "I'm stronger, better conditioned and use my head more in the ring." "I'm moving my head a lot more than before, using my jab and it's working." Swan will be the test partner. "He's in my way and I have to take care of business," Oshana said. "I don't see it going 10. If he's going to box me, it might go six or seven but I don't think it's going to go 10. I don't care what he does." The following is an interview with Anwar Oshana after his second professional title, IBF-regional super middleweight championship (fight # 15).

"Oshana grateful for fans"

Chicago Sun-times 
April 10, 1997 
page 81 - Sport

Anwar Oshana had all this going for him as he entered the ring Wednesday to box Bruce Rumbolz at the Inland Exposition Center in Westmont : two capable fists, a large and vocal contingent of Syrian immigrants in the audience and a truckload of confidence. "I can become a world champion, that's how good I can be," Oshana said. "I can be as good as I want to be."

In a battle of unbeaten super middleweights, Oshana (15-0) and Rumbolz (17-0-1) squared off for the International Boxing Federations Great Lakes Region championship. Rumbolz, 23, is from Sterling, Ill. Oshana, 23, is a Chicagoan who trains out of the Windy City Gym. Though heralded as one who can dish out and withstand punishment, Oshana appreciated his large following, considering Tumbolzs reputation as a puncher.

"It will mean a lot to me." Said Oshana, who predicted a victory before the fight. "It will put more pressure on me, especially in the later rounds when you need that extra push." With a chance to qualify for an IBF Intercontinental title fight one step before a possible world championship bout-Oshana and Rumbolz recognized the fight as the biggest of their careers. But Oshana also fought for the sheer love of boxing. "I love it," Oshana said. "The training, the conditioning, the fighting, you name it. When I fight, that's the best part."


Source: Mr. David Daoud K. Marzah
Assyrian Information Medium Exchange


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