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Current Assyrian Professional Athletes - Soccer


Brief Profile


Basil Georgis Hanna

Date of Birth:

September 6, 1961







He was the only Assyrian player who played on the biggest arena in World Soccer when he was part of The Iraqi National Soccer Team in World Cup '86 in Mexico. He played two games and had to miss the third game due to a mistaken identity in a red card sent off. 


He was one the integral parts parts in the  Iraq B team that won the Pan-Arab games against Morocco in 1985, where he scored the only goal of the final and led the way to Iraq's Gold Medal against Morocco (1 - 0).


He helped Iraq win the 1988 Gulf Championship in Saudi Arabia. In that year, he scored Iraq's goal in a famous 1-1 draw against Syria in the 1988 Arab Championship Final in Jordan , which went into extra-time with Iraq winning 4-3 on penalties.


In that memorable year, he also crowned his career with another honour of being on the Iraqi Olympic team in Seoul in 1988.
His last major appearance on the national arena was in the Arab Cup in 1989 which Iraq won.


He was known for his tenacity and attacking threat which he used to take the Iraqi National team to new grounds, where he was part of the Iraqi "golden team" of the 1980s that made it to the World Cup of 1986 in Mexico.


Club Carrer

As a teenager, He played with the youth league team Homentmen, a club that was part of the Nadi Al-Armani (Armenian Club). At the age of 16, he moved on to the Tammuz Club (Formrly the Assyrian Athletic Club of Baghdad), a Junior team, where he caught the eye of the first division Al Amana coach Mustufa Auda. Throughout his youth, Basil points to Zia Isaac as the one who coached him into the player he would become. Basil remained in the Iraq Super League for all his career, where he went on to play for Al Shabab amd Al Talaba.


National Career

Basil made his deput for Iraqi on the national level in 1981 against Jordan, in Baghdad. He stayed on the national team roster and became a big part of the team in the 1985 Arab cup in Morroco. Coach Anwar Jassam and the IFA choose to go ahead with their B team and 5 players from the A team, that included Basil and Ahmed Radhi. The team went on to win the tournament, where Basil scored on a header in the final game, giving Iraq the title.


In the 1986 World Cup qualification stage, Iraq found itself against Syria on a head-to-head match to determine the Asian representative. The first game in Damascus ended in a 0-0 tie, but in the second leg, Basil led Iraq pass Syria 3-0, scoring the first goal in the game and setting up the next two. The win gave Iraq is first apperance in The World Cup. Iraq did not surpass the group stage round in the World Cup, and Basil recieved a red card against Belgium.


Basil was forced out of Iraq and led to his professional retire at the young age of 30 in 1992. He arrived in Canada where he currently resides and waited for the arrival of offical release from the Iraq Football Association, but never received them, thus not allowed to play in the Canadian league.


Basil's own personal favorite goal was against Al Shorta in the 1981 Iraqi league final. He is quoted as saying "I dream of the day when I can go back and walk through the facilities at Al Shabab club in Baghdad."

Basil Georgis (No. 14), Natik Hashem and Khadum Mutasher in the Final World Cup Qualification round match (3rd round) in 1985. Iraq won the 2nd leg 3-1 to qualify in Damascus.
No. 14 became a popular number among Assyrian young players who challenged to wear the number in Iraq and Outside Iraq.

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