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Brief Profile

Issac or “Zack” first became interested in soccer when his dad took him to his own training and games. He played for 5 years at the pro level and has coached all levels including college. His most memorable moment as a coach came when his Sockers team won the National Championship. His best moment as a player was when he was 14 years old and playing the SV Hamburg U 14 team. Although Hamburg had 4 National Team players, Issac’s team beat them 2-0 with Issac scoring both goals. In a game in the NPSL, he scored 2 goals in 25 seconds. Issac also likes to fish, play golf, tennis, board games and read. His advice to young players is, “Success Through Commitment (S.T.C.)” and “Believe to Achieve (B.T.A)”


Issac Moushi is not the most vocal coach you will hear on the sidelines during their soccer careers. But what they will hear from time to time is, “What are you thinking?”


Issac likes to challenge his players to think about what just happened on the field. “I want them to rewind the tape in their minds of what just happened and learn from it,” says Issac. “I want our players to do their own thinking on the field.” Therefore, he is a man of few words while the game is in play.


And, in addition to that philosophy, there’s BTA and STC: Believe to Achieve and Success Through Commitment. “I love to help and develop kids and bring the best out of them, technically, tactically, physically and mentally,” says Issac.


Born in Syria near the city of Damascus, Issac and his family moved to Lebanon when he was 4. But life there was difficult as civil war broke out between Christians and Muslims. So Issac’s father, George, moved his family to the United States when Issac was 12. While living in Lebanon, Issac’s father, who played semi-pro soccer, started teaching his son to play soccer and to love the sport.


The Moushi family settled in Chicago and Issac went to Von Stuben High School, where he played varsity soccer all four years and set a school record scoring 106 goals.


After graduation, he went to the University of Illinois Chicago and played for two years before being lured to the pros. For the next five years, Issac played for the Pittsburgh Spirits (MISL), the Ft. Worth Kickers (USISL), the Nashville Diamonds (ASL), and the Chicago Shockers (NPSL). Three ACL injuries ended his career and forced him to the sidelines in 1986 where he has thrived as a coach and trainer.


Over the years, Issac has coached and trained soccer clubs in Palatine, Barrington, Hanover Park, Lake Forest, including the Chicago Wind and a club he started, the Red, White and Blue Futball Club, before joining the Trevian staff. He has also been a state coach and evaluator for the Olympic Development Program.


Issac and his wife, Angela, live in Wilmette with their three children, Nina, Ramina, and Georgie.


Issac Moushi is the inventor of the magnificent training tool Soccix. Soccix develops soccer skills such as: first touch, passing/receiving, shooting, goaltending, conditioning and more.


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