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Assyriska start the 2011 season with a fantastic win

April 11, 2011


By Sunday April 10, 2011 Assyriska had sold 5000 of their tickets in anticipation for the season home opener against one of their rivals from over the years Hammarby who had their number for years, thus leaving them with only 1700 tickets left for the day of the match. This is how the city was excited about the 2011 and they were rewarded indeed as Assyriska came on top by a score of 1-0.


Foto: Morris Esa/

The match started with some caution as the teams knew each other well from many games over the years and any points are considered a bonus in the heavly contested Swedish league. After absorbing couple of counter attacks by Hammarby, Assyriska managed to an early goal by the newly acquired Jones kusi Asare which forced Hammarby to change the game plan as they needed to square even at the least.


In the second half, Hammarby tried to change the game plan to apoint where they apply more pressure on the home team who was content to take the result of 1-0 and defend it which made for an exciting game of pressure and counter attack.

As time went on and it was evident that the Hammarby sharpness was not in place yet although their tactics were, their offence became more and more desperate which allowed Assyriska to look better as time started to wind down and a long six additional minutes by the referee.


Considering that the game was televised, a crowd total of 6,400 energized by the Zelge fans made for a great football atmosphere and 3 valuable points to start the season.


The next game will be away to GIF Sundsvall on Friday April 15.


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