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Assyriska moves along with their 2nd consecutive win

April 15, 2011


Assyriska makes one of their best starts of the season by winning their 2nd game out of two ad against two of the league's alleged top teams as considered by many football analysts in Sweden.


Assyriska started the game missing the services of Andi Toompuu and Stefan Batan who suffered an injury from the first game against Hammarby. They were Narsai Shaba and Fredrik Samuelsson, who also was team captain for the day.


As they did against Hammarby,  Assyriska started quick and deadly by scoring in the 2nd minute after a very nice play that witnessed Haris Laitinen dribble his way through the GIF Sundsvall defense line and takes a shot that was saved by the goalie only to find Mikael Ishak for an open goal score.


Assyriska dominated most of the first half however they should have been ahead by more than one goal at the half time interval.


In the second half, Assyriska tried to slow down the game which resulted in Sundsvall attempting the long balls which eventually resulted in a goal for the home team off a mistake by Assyriska's Haris Laitinen as he lost the ball near the penalty area allowing Sundsvall to score the tying goal in the 51st minute.


After couple substitutions, Assyriska seemed to find themselves back in the game and started to create some scoring opportunities including an open goal shot by Nahir Besara and few chances by Haris Laitinen.


In the 85th minutes, Haris Laitinen places the ball to the left of the goalkeeper from a direct free kick just outside the penalty area which resulted in an eruption of jubilation on the Assyriska bench.


Click here to watch the highlights and goals ...


Despite the perfect record at this early stage of the season, the coaching staff and the players have a lot to work on to refine their skills and team performance as wasting easy chances will catch up sooner or later with missed opportunities that the team has to avoid.

The team now has to prepare for this Wednesday Cup game vs. IFK Lulea.





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