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Assyriska Ties Osters 0-0 at home

April 24, 2011


Assyriska Just couldn't get through Östers defensive wall on Easter Sunday and had to settle for a tie despite their fantastic start of the season which resulted in 2 wins against top league teams.

Assyriska and as usual had most of the ball possession during this home game and as time went on, it was evident that the away team was happy to leave with the one point from this game with staying in the back and waiting for a counter attack to take it to the home team.

Assyriska, who started new acquisitions Imad Chadeh and Jimmie Augustsson from the start of the game in midfield, rolled the ball beautifully but without creating any chances except for two chances at the edge of the box and as time went on, the more anxious the attacks became.

It was clear that Osters coach, Roar Hansen, had studied Assyriska's attacking game from the previous matches and both Haris Laitinen and Mikael Ishak were heavily guarded throughout the game. Jimmie Augustsson made a few attempts to break in from the right wing and had some good chances to finish, but unfortunately without any luck this sunny EASTER SUNDAY.

Most of the well dressed 2600 fans went home unhappy with the point but came to realize that more of these games will be on the way were teams will be coming to Södertälje soccer stadium with the ambition to at least bring a point home. That is why Assyriska's front line has to be more effective and better at creating chances inside the box.

One bright spot was Göran Marklund's understudy in the last twenty minutes that offered hope for a better and more attacking game in the coming matches. Marklund is extremely important to Assyriska with his experience which no coincidence for his good start this season.

One good thing to take at this early stage of the season is that 7 points out of nine possible points is still a good start, especially given that the Assyriska has met both Hammarby and Sundsvall, which both considered to be among the best in the league this year.

The next game will be on May 2 away to Degerfors IF.





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