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Toronto - Canada

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Another Win for the Winged Bull of Toronto

April 30, 2000


The Winged Bull of Toronto visited the beautiful city of Hamilton, Ontario and played their the Babylon Star Soccer team of Hamilton in a very entertaining game refereed by the OSA referee, Yousif Jirta.

In the crowd was two of the Winged Bull originals who played for the team since 1981 to 1987, Albert Daniel and Edward Chaio.

Albert Daniel

Edward Chaio & Albert Daniel

The Winged Bull won the game by a score of 1 - 0 with a very skilled goal and a well played team effort that ended with a skillful touch from the Captain Nasir Issa who was filling the Captain position for the missing, Najah Eelya, who could not make the trip.

As Nasir was all over the field from the defense to offence playing in the midfield, yet working the entire field to make up for the six missing players In the trip.

This was the first real test for the team in this outdoor season, even though they won their previous two exhibition games earlier this month.



Raad Polous,

Andrea Allisha


Malek Zibara

Gheydan Yonan

Muner Bato

Ayman Mansour

Luis DaSilva

Thaer ( Tryout )


Nasir Issa ( Captain )

Max Tadros

Caesar Moshe

Shant Sarkisian


Duglis Ismail

Nabil Peniamin


Najah Eelya

Chamoun Khoshaba

Johny Kada
Roberto Figueroa

Fadi Zibara

Adel Jona

Tony Sarkisian


Coach and Manager: Layth Jato


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