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Another win for Assyriska to stay at the top ...

May 3, 2011


Assyriska took three very hard-earned points against Degerfors after dominating the match for 80 minutes and two goals in the last 10 minutes by Goran "Ashur" Marklund.

Assyriska took control from the beginning of the game as Mike Ishak missed two golden opportunities before Nahir Besar broke the deadlock in the 28th minute with a shot to the bottom right side of the net.


The second half continued in the same fashion through Assyriska's continued pressure although possession was mostly with the home team. When it comes to opportunities, Assyriska must have the record for this young season, yet not as many goals to show for.


As everyone was waiting for Assyriska to double their lead, but instead Degerfors equalized and the panic started to come among the supporters but not the players. Göran Marklund crushed their dream of getting a point in the 82nd minute, but only temporarily because 3 minutes later came the second equalizer in the 85th minute.


It was desperation point again, and thankfully it did not take long for Göran Ashur Marklund once again to give Assyriska supporters the well deserved joy and happiness with the winning goal in the 88th minute. Ashur Marklund got the ball from Stefan Batan when he tried to head the ball to a running Mickael Ishak but the Degerfors defender blocked it with his hand. As the referee didn’t blow the whistle and the ball came back, Marklund volleyed the ball from 30 meters over the keeper.


Click here to watch the highlights and goals...


The next game is on Friday May 6th against Landskrona Bois. Their manager is no other than the former football star Henrik Larsson.






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