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Another Close one for Assyriska Away from home ...

May 5, 2011


For the second time in 4 days, Assyriska scored another close win away from home with a 3-2 decision that witnessed our boys continue on with what has become their distinctive style of play in the league: Pressure and more pressure ....


This time their victims were Landskrona Bois who were going for their 2nd win of the season while Assyriska was just trying to get used to their uniforms who were changed just before the start of the game as they were close to the opponents uniform.


Landskrona  dominated the 1st half hour of the game while Assyriska were trying to settle down in their opponents field after the pre game confusion and only to find themselves trying to come back from a 1-0 deficit from a goal in the 4th minute. Soon enough, Assyriska scored the tying goal by Imad Chhadeh in the 33rd minute with a powerful shot which was deflected by Santana which proved to be too much for the keeper to keep out of the goal to tie the game before the half time interval.


Assyriska found themselves once again behind after Landskrona scored their 2nd goal in the 56th minute as the Assyriska defense could not get the ball out of their box. At that point Assyriska had to make some drastic changes in the attack to creat more chances which was not working as well as in the previous games and after couple of changes in personnel their efforts finally paid off with the equalizing goal from Nahir Besara in the 71st minute just to be followed minutes later with the winning goal by Konewa from a corner kick.


It was clear that our team was not the better team but these are the things you have to take when you are playing away and 3 points aren't bad at the end of the day especially after playing efficiently on a difficult field.

The next game will be on  Sunday May 15th at home in the Södertälje Arena against Ljungkile SK.


Click here to watch the highlights and goals ...





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