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A Shocking Loss to Brage ...

May 20, 2011


We knew it was coming sometime, but that does not make it any easier. In the seventh round of the league came Assyriska first loss for the year, it was 0-3 away loss after what many considered to be a 'mediocre' effort. Assyriska held the game up well but lost it after they fell behind 0-1, which can be dangerous trend if the coach does not find a solution really quick. Champions are built from the ones that can come from being down and not the ones that are up all the time.

The team started the match well and had a good grasp on things. They played their style of ball possession and playing safe. However, not attacking often and creating scoring opportunities will always come back to haunt you. In the 28 minutes and after it looked like Assyriska escaped the home team attack as the goalie saved Johan Eklund header toward the goal, somehow the ball slipped of his hands into the goal. The home team found a new momentum from this mistake especally when Assyriska players seemed a little down after this mistake and as the game went on, they started to win all the half chances and close challenges which Assyriska could not recover from.

As the second half came about, Assyriska tried to come back and they made the biggest mistake of any team who tries to come back and open themselves for counter attacks which resulted in the 2nd goal in the 61st minute for Brage and finally in the 85th minute with another goal from Eklund giving him two goals on the night.


What's discouraging about this game is that Assyriska did not only lose by goals only, but also by their lack luster and almost no desire to challenge the home team unlike Brage whose effort on the night was spread evenly on the night with goals in the 28, 61 and 85 minute and Yellow cards in the 31, 68 and 90 minute.


Given the above, Assyriska has only themselves to blame and the coach has only the weekend to prepare his team for their next game on Monday the 23rd at home against Brommapojkarna.







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