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A Heavy loss to Brommapojkarna ...

May 23, 2011


Despite controlling the tempo in most of the first half, Assyriska found themselves behind to visiting Brommapojkarna (BP) just after the interval. It was BP who took the lead at the start of the second half, prompting the air to enthusiasm that AFF started with to seep out. The home team were never really close to a come back after and Aziz Corr Nyang put the nail in the coffin with the second goal in the 82nd minute and close the books on another disappointing outing.

Assyriska started the game with a different format with Narsai Shaba having the opportunity to start had a chance from the start alongside Nahir Besar. Imad Chhadeh also had the opportunity to start in the right against his old teammates and Haris Laitinen started on the left.


Although it was a loss for the home team, but some of the good points that one can take from the game was the play of Narsai Shaba who showed a big heart and willingness, unlike many other players. It became evident as the game went on, that this was never going to be easy with the many short passes that meant the forward line having to come back to meet the ball rather than running in depth to creat danger and chances in front of the opposition goals.

Assyriska had at least two good chances to lead in the first half, but did not take advantage of them. Although the team tried the long shot to test the goalie, they were unsuccessful.

Instead, it was BP who took the lead right at the start of the second half after a mistake by Momo Mbye in the 3 minute of the second half. Snabbe Saihou Jagne took advantage of the much too short back pass to the goalie and calmly put the ball in the Assyriska goal. As we have seen lately, it felt like much of the energy have been taken out of the home team, unlike other games this year where AFF continued to keep the pressure going despite being at a disadvantage.

Aziz Corr Nyang proved it again with his second goal to make it 0-2 goal in the 82nd minute, after making his way past three defenders and easily placed the ball behind the goalie.

Overall, it was a reasonably fair result when BP felt to be more of the dangerous between the two teams and now Assyriska have to pull themselves together after two straight losses and 0-5 on the score sheet.

Next game is away against Angelholm on Sunday, May 29 in crucial road game where a player attitude required by the Assyriska players to make up for the home points lost. 


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