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Hall of Fame

Assyrian Sports Hall of Fame - Boxing


Brief History

Since the birth of boxing sport in Iran in 1941, when the sovereignty of Iran was shaken by the waging forces of World War II, and until few years before the Islamic revolution in 1978, the pictures of the Assyrian athletes have decorated the pages of the national Iranian sports literature.


Alexander Auseepof (Shura) is one of the founders of the sport of boxing in Iran. Along with Alexander, the names of other renowned athletes such as the late George Eissabek, Eisar Eilkhanof, William Adamzadeh, Wilhelm Yonani, Ehs Abhari, and Ramon Babaei decorate the pages of the sport history of Iran.


Ramon Babaei, born in 1941, is the last Assyrian boxing champion member of the Iranian national boxing team, He is one of several Assyrians throughout the history of sports in Iran that has contributed to the success of Iran in the national sports arenas. In 1971, he won the Gold Medal in the Asian championship contest, thus making his country of Iran proud of having raised an Assyrian son like him, and his Assyrian nation proud of a son that has brought her recognition and appreciation.


Ramon started his boxing career at an early age under the directions of the late George Eissabek. During his colorful career from 1961 through 1971, Ramon won many regional and national Iranian contests that led to his membership in the Iranian National Boxing Team; a position sought after by many athletes.


The following is a list of Ramon's boxing events participations and accomplishments as a member of the Iranian national boxing team in the 63.5 kilogram level:

The Iran-Turkey games (1963)

The Asian Olympics (1966)
The Asian boxing Championship games (1967)
The Iran-Rumania games (1968)
The Asian Boxing Championship games (1970)
The Asian Boxing Championship games (1971 - Champion)


After earning the championship title in the 1971 Asian games, Ramon retired from his boxing career and married his sweetheart in 1972. He continued his activity in Iranian boxing and became a nationally known referee. He then refereed in the Asian games which led to further success where he became an international boxing referee.


In 1979 Ramon and his family moved to the Untied States and settled in Los Angeles, California. He continued his involvement in international boxing until 1984 when he retired having held the prestigious office of the President of the association of the Southern California Boxing Referees. The following is a list of the games where Ramon was in the ring as a referee:

U.S. National Boxing Team versus the European Common Wealth Championship Team (Reno, Nevada - 1981)
U.S. National Boxing Team versus the Yugoslavian National Team (Louisiana - 1982)
The International Boxing Championship contest (Los Angeles - 1983)
The National U.S. Boxing Championship contest t (Colorado - 1984)


Ramon lived with his bittersweet memories of the past, his beloved wife Frida and his child in Glendale suburb of Los Angeles, California. Ramon satisfies his desires for boxing by watching the games on the screen of his home television set.


Ramon Babaei passed away on March 10, 2019, but his love for boxing and his boxing stories remained with him until the very end.



Written by Kurosh Bet Yonam
English translation by Bellos Nisan


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