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Hall of Fame

Assyrian Sports Hall of Fame - Soccer



Brief History

1960 - Played for Habbaniya School Football Team


1962 - Selected for the Ramadiya Province Football team


1966 - Selected for one of Iraq's top teams in the Premier Division, Al-Firqa Al-Thaletha (known as Al-Jaish now). For his five yers with the club, he played against clubs from Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan.


1971 - Moved to Sinaa FC in the Premier Division and played with them for Five years.


1980 - Joined the Assyrian Winged Bull Soccer team in Canada. In 1985 he became a player-Coach with the team.


1987 - Retired from the game.


He was honored in 2000 by the Assyrian Athletic Club and named as an honorary life-time member of the club.




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