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Hall of Fame

Assyrian Sports Hall of Fame - Soccer






Brief History

Started like most players in Iraq, in the local teams. In 1965 he started playing for one the most popular local team, Itihad Kallar.

He later moved to Itihad Al Elwiya before moving in 1968 to Itihad Ammo Baba.

He made his move to the big clubs in Iraq when he started his Military service in 1970 when he played for Al-Mushat which was regarded at the time as one of the best teams in the Premier circle in Iraq.

He was chosen in 1973 to play for the Iraqi Military Team alongside some the best players in Iraq where he played several International matches in his midfield position.

After his Military service was over, he moved to play for Al-Sinaah Club in the Premier Division in Iraq until 1979 when he immigrated to the USA.

In Chicago, where he established as his new home, he was an inspiring element and a pivot player with the Assyrian Winged Bull Soccer Team.

In 1995, Gibson decided to retire from playing soccer after leaving in the minds of many of his admirers some of the wonderful moments with the team in the Assyrian Community of Chicago.

His trade marks were his excellent gentleman behavior on the field were he exemplified the true meaning of a Real Sportsman.


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