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Hall of Fame

Assyrian Sports Hall of Fame - Soccer



Brief History
Many of the older 'Nejmeh' Club fans of Lebanon enjoy hearing the sound of his name as a reminder of the good old days of soccer, where soccer was a mixture of love and giving to the team and fans.
He was a cornerstone among many greats that made up a lot of the great history for his Club, Al Nejmeh.
He still caries a big wound on his upper right thigh, that he earned over 35 years ago, courtesy of an intentional kick from the great Hementmen player, Mardek, when Wanya scored two goals in their game and Nejmeh won that day 3-2.
he started in Beirut through a local team organized in the 50's and moved later with all its players to the Nejmeh Club to bring many championships that made this club the best in Lebanese history to date. The team which was known as Al-Hamra, included many players like Sameh Shatela and his brothers, Muhi Al-Deen Enani, Hassan Al-Mankosh and many more who later became stars in Lebanon's soccer history.
He had all the qualities of a great player and a dangerous striker, as his tremendous speed was the key to all Nejmeh's attacks and his scoring ability was to be feared. His presence in the right time in front of the opponent's goal one of his best skills and trademark as many remember the six goals he scored in the 8-0 win over the Hikma.


Information edited and translated from Al-Shiraa Al-Riyathi
Written by: Basam Hamdar
Translated by: Layth Jato
Sent by: Caroline Oram
Article in Arabic

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