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Soccer - Youth

Give the young soccer player a sporting chance
TIPS for Parents

  • Put the needs of the young soccer play first. Those needs, especially when the child is young, are to have fun and play a sport because it’s something they enjoy doing.

  • Create an environment in which children can express themselves without being judged. Encourage without letting them think it’s the be-ball and end-all of their existence, or, worse, yours

  • Encourage the young player to concentrate and to develop self-control. Muttering, getting angry kicking air, flouncing all distract from skills development.

  • Offer security .A parent’s measure of the child’s success should be the effort put in .if children give 100 per cent and lose, they should never be chastised

  • Monitor your reactions when your child competes. Even the raising eyebrow can be interpreted as negative. Your child has enough to do without being responsible for your feelings too.

  • Don’t demand a return on your investment. A child who shows out standing talent is going to need a lot of time and money. Your Desiree to extract a reward is understandable but not helpful.

  • Don’t be outcome-orientated. If parents set the goal, then the children will be playing to please them rather then to get the best out of them; a sure way to stifle natural flair and spontaneity.

  • Don’t denigrate or judge by an adult yardstick. Your child’s decision-making ability is not as refined as yours. They might know the right thing to do but their bodies aren’t mature enough to act promptly on the brain’s instructions.

  • Don’t brand children and burden them too young. Give them opportunities to play, and if you can see they have special abilities, to progress. Always remember it’s a long-term process.

  • Don’t press for them to be moved into an older group. Playing soccer is also for them to develop socially and gain independence and confidence, not to set records.



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